A Sun reporter has accused Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn (pictured, Reuters) of being "rather rude".

The newspaper has also told how Corbyn "ran away" from Westminster correspondent Harry Cole yesterday, telling him: “I am NOT speaking to The Sun.”

According to the Sun Nation website, the conversation on College Green, Westminster, went:

SunNation: "Jeremy, Jeremy. Sorry to bother you, Harry Cole from the Sun."

Jeremy Corbyn: “Goodbye.”

SunNation: “I was wondering if you had a message for the Queen as she becomes the longest serving monarch on Wednesday.”

Jeremy Corbyn: “Good-BYE.”

SunNation: “Or whether you will be celebrating that in any way?”

Jeremy Corbyn to aide: “Can you ask this man to please go away.”

Jeremy Corbyn: “I am NOT speaking to The Sun.”


Source: PressGazette RSS Feed