Labour MP Dennis Skinner has accused the BBC’s Emily Maitlis of "spinning" live on the BBC News channel.  

In an interview with Maitlis, Skinner explained that he was not taking a job in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

Concluding the broadcast Maitlis said: "Breaking news then, Dennis Skinner has said that he has not been approached for a job by Jeremy Corbyn and would not take a job by Jeremy Corbyn, a line that he has held consistently.’’

Skinner broke in, saying:  "That was an example of spinning because you were trying to imply that I turned it down."

Maitlis responded by saying that it was a "joke" but Skinner responded: "I think it’s time that you got real and you understood that you are not working for Murdoch at the BBC because you seem to be following the same pattern."

Skinner later tweeted: 


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