Ping. The results of the "Your Say 2015" Trinity Mirror employee survey are in.

What with all the costs cuts and redundancies across the Trinity Mirror empire, the unfolding hacking scandal, controversial individual online audience targets for journalists, this should be interesting.

The top line from chief executive Simon Fox reveals 76 per cent of staff have filled it out! Okay, he’s clearly not a journalist.

Next up, employee 'engagement' has increased by 2 per cent.

Fox says this means that most "are engaged in their work and our brands and have good relationships with colleagues and their managers".

Presumably the other 30 per cent come in to work and just blankly stare into space, but hey ho.

What about the griping?

On the rest of the survey results, Fox hints at discontent but  is rather vague:

"There is still much more we need to do to make Trinity Mirror a great place to work, particularly given the uncertainty over the future, which many of you have expressed, caused by declines in print circulation and advertising and the challenge of making money from our rapidly growing digital audiences.

"It is clear that we can do more to communicate our strategy and vision and the changes that we are making to get us there…

“One of the lower scores in the survey was for believing that action will be taken on the results. I can assure you that I am committed to acting on everything we can from the feedback you have given us…

“We’re asking everybody to get involved with the action planning in response to the results for your area and we’ll all need to play our part in making this happen.”

Commented, one wag at TM said: “When you board a plane, you expect the captain to know where he is going and not simply open up a discussion among the passengers about potential destinations."


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