The Dark Knight on a dark night, Gordon street Halloween 2014.

Brian Anderson, a former News of  The World photographer, is launching a photography magazine called Glasgow Eyes.

The magazine’s website says that Anderson’s photography focuses on showbiz and crime photos, and that as a Glaswegian himself he wants to continue documenting his city.

Accordin to STV Anderson has taken photos of Glasgow for twenty years and Glasgow Eyes will be “...the city's first reportage magazine".

Speaking to the Daily Record newspaper Anderson said: “Glasgow is full of character. It’s a nice city, it’s a crazy city and I want to show all that.”

“You see people with pictures of New York on their living room wall but why shouldn’t they have images of Glasgow?

“I love the city and I want people to see it in all its forms.”

According to the Glasgow Eyes website the title will be published monthly in A5 format and cost around £2.



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