Political journalists have reinforced their dominance over Labour on the football pitch with a 2-0 victory. (Picture: Shutterstock)

The annual conference match saw the lobby comfortably overcome the party's team - shorn of "big beast" stalwarts such as Ed Balls and Jim Murphy.

The early stages at Brighton & Hove Albion's training ground were a tight affair, with London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan and backbencher Stephen Kinnock holding the line in midfield.

But Labour never looked like coming back after the Independent's Matt Dathan ran on to a through ball to break the deadlock.

A desperate dive from goalkeeper Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, failed to stop Sky News's Ramzi Bedj Bedj adding a second with a smart shot.

But the journalists were frustrated after the half-time break, with some fine last-ditch defending from Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram preventing them adding to the goal tally.

The match was supported by National Grid and the FA and raised money for Breast Cancer Care.


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