Journalists were spat on by protestors outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester yesterday.

Channel 4 News political correspondent Michael Crick tweeted a picture of spit in his hair and revealed the protesters shouted “Tory scum” at him.

Huffington Post political reporter Owen Bennett told how he was spat at in the eye and escorted away from the scene by police officers who reportedly warned him: "You're going to get lynched in a minute."

Telegraph senior political correspondent Kate McCann, who was with Bennett, described the situation as "frightening". The protester who spat on Bennett was arrested.

Theo Usherwood, the political editor of LBC, also tweeted a picture of himself covered in spit.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady labelled the behaviour "inexcusable" and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has appealed to those taking part to keep it peaceful.