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The British Journalism Awards reward great public interest journalism regardless of the medium it appears in.
Launched partly as a response to the hacking scandal and the Leveson Inquiry, these awards are now in their sixth year and are seen as the UK's equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize in the US.

The 2018 British Journalism Awards are held in London on 10 December.


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Meet the judges


Giles is a former Editor-In-Chief of Property Week who started in journalism at its predecessor Estates Times in 1988. He has also worked as News Editor at the architects’ paper Building Design and as Deputy Editor at Building magazine

David Banks

Former editor of the Daily Mirror

Kurt Barling

Middlesex University Professor, writer and broadcaster

Giles Barrie

Giles Barrie is a Senior Managing Director at global PR firm FTI Consulting, based in London.

Luke Blair


Heather Brooke

Journalism professor and Freedom of Information campaigner

Paul Charman

Freelance journalist and media consultant

Peter Cole

Emeritus professor of journalism at Sheffield University

Michael Crozier

Michael Crozier is Editorial Director of Crozier Associates

John Dale

Journalist and founded the internet-based Brentford TV, the UK's first constituency TV channel

Kim Fletcher

Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn is a former investigations editor of The Sun.

Neil Fowler

Former editor of Which?, the Toronto Sun and four UK regional daily newspapers

Alan Geere

Former editor with 30 years experience in more than 200 newsrooms around the globe

Liz Gerard

Former night editor of The Times with 40 years experience in journalism - author of the SubScribe blog

Roderick Gilchrist

Roderick Gilchrist is a former Deputy Editor at the Mail on Sunday and New York correspondent for the Daily Mail

Leon Hawthorne

Leon Hawthorne is a journalist, broadcaster, erstwhile TV executive and consultant on digital content strategy for newspaper and magazine groups.

Lindsey Hilsum

Lindsey Hilsum is the International Editor of Channel 4 News, and the author of a forthcoming book

Christopher Hird

Former editor of The Sunday Times Insight Team and of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

SA Jukes

Stephen Jukes is Professor of Journalism at Bournemouth University's School of Journalism, English & Communication.

Alice Kay

Alice Kay is a science press officer, she previously worked at the Science Media Centre and recently moved to Nature Research.

Geoffrey Lean

Environmental journalist. Formerly Yorkshire Post, Observer, Independent on Sunday and Daily Telegraph

Anthony Longden

Anthony Longden has been a journalist for nearly 35 years, 22 of them spent as an editor and senior editorial executive in various regional companies in the UK

John Mair

Former BBC producer and editor of 10 books on journalism

Lee Mallett

Director, Urbik

Gren Manuel

Gren Manuel is formerly executive editor for Europe for the Wall Street Journal and editor of Financial News.

Rob McGibbon

Rob McGibbon is an author and freelance journalist who as written for numerous national newspapers and magazines since 1986. He is also a producer at Scoop Films

Simon Middelboe

Unicorn Digital Media

Robin Morgan

CEO and founder of Iconic Images

Vincent Moss

Former Sunday Mirror political editor with 25 years experience in senior editorial positions on national and regional titles, including Mail on Sunday & Bristol Post.

Ian Murray

Ian Murray is an award-winning journalist with almost 40-years’ experience in newsrooms and working with the British media.

Sam Ogle

A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sam Ogle began his journalistic career on the Belfast Telegraph evening newspaper at the height of the IRA bombing campaign in the 1970s. At that time, and in those circumstances, there was no shortage of hard news to be covered. Later, he plied his trade for four years as an expatriate in the Ivory Coast followed by two years in Senegal and two in New York. Now resident in London, he edited Think Law magazine before specialising for the last thirteen years in the automotive logistics and supply chain industry. He has been editor of several automotive publications and, for the last six-and-a-half years, Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain. He has moderated, and taken part in, panel discussions at automotive conferences in the UK, the USA, Russia, Turkey, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Mexico.

Iain Overton

Iain Overton is an author and campaigner.

DY portrait

Dominic Young is CEO of Agate

Paul Reeve

Director of Business and Communications, ECA

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan is the media director of Save the Children.

Fergus Shanahan

Fergus Shanahan is a former deputy editor and executive editor of The Sun.

Mary Ann Sieghart

Journalist, radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times

Jon Slattery

Independent Media blogger/freelance Journalist

Moira Sleight

Moira Sleight is Editor and Publisher of the Methodist Recorder weekly national newspaper and a Board member of both the Society of Editors and the London Press Club.


Dr Paul Lashmar is Deputy Head of Journalism at City, University of London

Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson retired from Sky News in 2016 after joining thee channel in 1993. He had a 50-year career in journalism and his memoirs, JT Breaking News an Autobiography are due to be published in October

Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a writer, author and broadcaster. Formerly the Daily Telegraph's Mandrake diarist and theatre critic, he has more recently edited the Daily Mirror's Heckler election diary.

Rosie Waterhouse

Former Director, MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London

Karen Fowler Watt

Dr Karen Fowler-Watt is a former senior BBC journalist

Patrick Younge

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