Michael is co-owner, CEO and design lead at AJ+C Architects and Urban Designers, a studio of over 90 people based in Sydney Australia.

Projects range from houses and housing, to public buildings, and major urban design works.

Michael’s designs have been regularly shortlisted, and won significant awards around the world, including WAF Best Sports category, the Masterplan category, and more recently, the overall Future Project of the Year, as well as other awards, such as an International Olympic Committee and IAKS silver medal for Sports Architecture, the Best Education Building in NSW Australia, as well as numerous international and local awards for outstanding architecture.

Michael has also participated in, and chaired juries around the world including WAF from 2009 to 2019. AJ+C designs are for future generations and must be ‘in the round’, which means creative, sustainable and innovative, in artistic, conceptual, technical and economic terms.