INOX-COLOR, located in Germany, is one of the leading companies worldwide for surface treatment, especially light-interference-colouring of Stainless Steel. By having a unique selling position, which is the ability to process sheets up to the dimension of 2000x6000 mm, Components up to the dimension of 1000x2000x6000 mm, INOX-COLOR is refining Stainless Steel with colour by using the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process, for more than 30 years. Stainless steel coloured according to the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process has all the qualities, modern architecture needs: function, economy and aesthetics. Furthermore, this noble material is 100% Recyclable. It saves like no other material, cleaning costs, renovation or renovation costs, for a very long time. Due to holding a close contact to architects we are aware, that one of the key requirements especially for exterior design, such as facades, is the longevity. We provide a 30 year warranty on Stainless Steel coloured by the INOX-SPECTRAL®-process.

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