The City Lounge is located on Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing. The site is sandwiched among buildings of different ages, and is a typical urban debris space. The project is part of the old town remodeling plan of Jiaxing. It introduces Jane Jacobs' "street eye" concept into the debris space reconstruction, trying to apply the "organ style" point of renewal to arouse the public's passion for the complex and diverse life in the old city.
For this site, the most obvious characteristics is disorder. The objective of the project is to re-use the site to create an active community space. On the irregular site, three yards are built to retain four camphor trees to limit the boundary. Surrounding the stairs and ramps to attract the public to participate in it. On the side along the street, it uses concrete to meet the public's sight. the concrete-rolled entrance arouses the curiosity of the visitor to explore, the roof terrace is the first space for staying, where you can enjoy the safety and comfort of the cool shade, the long ramp is a favorite place for children in the nearby community. The main body of the building is an open stepped reading space, with a whole book wall and reading platforms of different elevations. the reading space combines with the roof to form a triangle as a constituent element.
For the locals of Jiaxing, Zhongshan Road is an indelible memory of the city, which has witnessed the development and changes of the city. The Old Construction Committee Station tries to activate the space debris of the old city, and transform it to be a vibrant eye of urban fun and public life, an unforgettable memory of children in the surrounding communities, as well as a nostalgic "old street in memory".