The art museum is an important public building in the Cuifeng Ecological Park. The meaning of "Mountain and Sea" is taken from its location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and jumping above the mountain; its landscape resources are excellent as well. The strong site characteristics serve to create a special art space.

The site is about 7 minutes’ drive from the foot of the mountain. Stone forest is winding there and the mountain is cut into two sets of platforms. The historical structures seem to be ruined now, but when trying to connect them point by point, a constellation-like diagram shows the accumulation of people's interpretation, which is interesting. Various functional spaces are thus organized according to the terrain, forming a settlement of multiple relationships. In a continuous change of elevation, the discrete gallery spaces are embedded on a "∞" shaped walking path. By enframed scenery, the exhibition is integrated with its surroundings.

The layout adopts a separation strategy, while not in a particularly efficient mode. The main exhibition hall, square hall, and corridor-style exhibition space meet a wide range of exhibition needs and have uniqueness of their own. The moderate deformation and squeezing of the space form is also controlled at a reasonable ratio, taking care of the relationship between the building shape and the site. The interior walls not only orient the view, support the structural system, but also provides possibilities for display.

The "low intervention" logic creates a floating sensation. The structural system cleverly avoids the barrier of stone forest and seeks support in its gap. The interior tree-shaped column is light, making the space transparent.

The deconstructed "Mobius Ring" runs through the exhibition, observation and hunting dynamic lines, to trace the site further and provide a special experience. The building materials are attached to the local rammed earth and red clay images of Yunnan.

The bottom of the stone forest corresponds to a touchable and observable perception; on the highest point, the openness of starry sky platform instantly brings emotional sublimation. From a sense of depth in the historical and geographical dimensions, the museum achieves a complete visiting experience of "sense, knowledge, and understanding".

Referring to traditional Chinese concept of scenery and poetic world, the design approach blends well into the context, and under the support of the team, it turns the stone forest from obstacles to spatial continuity as intended.