Raffles Hotel Singapore registers its iconic presence in the heart of Singapore. We carried out major A&A(additions and alterations) works to the existing three-storey building for the first time in 30 years. It integrates heritage splendor with modern spatial design, restoring the building back to its original glory and aiming to restore its vitality for the next 100 years. Nestled in this most beautiful heritage building in thte city, Yi restaurant celebrates the concept of family roots and values passed on to future generations through story-telling of Chinese creation myths. Adapted from the Chinese Creation Myths, the design story of the restaurant depicts the creation of Heaven and Earth by the god Pangu. By story-telling and reinterpretation in a modern progressive way, we aimed to create a hidden world for guests to explore within this historical landmark. The restaurant entrance is where the guests’ journey begins, whimsical art installation made from thousands of handcrafted floral elements depicting Chinese mythology adorns the space in the form of garden. After going through the garden tunnel, guests are greeted with the main dining hall. A series of plaster ceiling sculptures create a blanket over the guests, reminiscent of the varying shades of the sky. A refined yet humble palette of natural materials like marble and timber in the surroundings bring the earth concept to life. The restaurant walls are cladded with soft hued lacquered surface, a moon gate on the textured stone dividers, and custom modern chinoiserie artworks, makes for a coherent narrative of nature. With operable acoustic wall systems between the rooms, private dining room provides space flexibility. Inspired by egg shape where the god, Pangu was born from Chinese creation myth, a bespoke egg shaped chandelier trickles down into the space from champagne gold leaf dome. Guests will have joy of discovering embedded elements inspired by design narratives while exploring spaces. We wanted to harness the whimsical nature of the Chinese creation story with the experiential journey through the restaurant while celebrating beautifully curated heritage lost dishes.