Design Studio MAOOM, ‘Coffee Nap Roasters 2nd’, Seoul, Korea

The ‘hill’ located at the corner of the alleyway in Yeon-nam Dong will catch your attention. A small shop located there has removed its tables and chairs, and in doing so has created a new sightline, looking up from the low ‘hill’, to create space and scenery within the cafe. Having created this diverse way to sit meant the beginning of a new experience. This small place is a tiny coffee shop where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with wherever you choose to sit, becoming your space.
This new experience, where everybody stays in the same space but can enjoy the variety of sceneries is created thanks to ‘the hill’.

The hill is a space where you can sit and relax for a moment. The additional element to this design feature is the moment when nature intervenes, with the sun that shines through the ceiling casting different light on the hill according to the time of day or year.

When the sun sets and darkness is upon us, the coffee bar with the baristas will become a shining stage, like the moon hidden behind a hill. The hill covers a floor area of 42.05m², not including the coffee-making area and traffic walkways, of the cafe’s total area of 50.50m², including the stairs that reach up to 1,500mm. To ease movement up and down the hill, a gap between the bricks was adjusted to 10–15mm. Over 7,000 bricks were used, including the flooring and the furniture.