The design first strives to protect the historical relics and traditional texture of the core area of the old town, and then renews organically the surrounding areas. Functions such as commerce, entertainment, accommodation, and tourism will be gradually added.
The planning and design stress the idea of "home and culture", an ideology that extends from family-based values and expands to other tenets. Therefore, the spatial pattern in the design is heavily guided by the old town's original radial layout of the traditional ancestral halls. Within the core area, we adopted an approach that focuses on "preserving the old," aiming at protecting and restoring ancient ancestral halls, commercial streets, and public buildings. In the peripheral areas, an "introducing the new" approach is considered to bring in commerce, tourism, leisure, intangible heritage protection, organic agriculture, and other more modern elements.
The project attempts to propose an easily promotable solution: combining protection and development, reconstructing the context based on local characteristics, improving environmental quality, and promoting regional sustainability and organic renewal. The public participates in the whole process to ensure transparent and fair decision-making. It is our intention to keep as many indigenous people as possible, and 90% of the original commercial residents have moved back to their old homes. By doing so, the renewal area is in a pleasant emotional atmosphere, which is more conducive to creating a sense of social belonging and to maintaining local cultural traditions. Some residents received compensation for relocating: they will be subsidized by the government to move to a comfortable relocation house not far from the old town, or they will continue live in the old house after renovation and be the first ones to be given new job opportunities.
The project has now been completed and put into use, and the ancient ancestral halls, old commercial streets and public buildings have also been renovated. Exhibitions, traditional catering, commerce, tourism, leisure and other businesses have been introduced to the old town, creating a good atmosphere for the dialogue between tradition and modernity.