Mitejima Building is head office for Nissay New Creation.
The company is special subsidiary to Nippon Life Insurance Company with purpose of employment of disabled people, and near 90% of more than 300 employees have some physical or mental disabilities. We addressed pursuit of universal design as building concept. Having set universal design as " barrier-free x design" and barrier-free as status without "danger" , "pain" and "inconvenience", friendly working place where everyone is protected was intended by multiplying that by "understandability" and "beauty" of design. As this area is possible flood zone in case of Nankai Trough earthquake, slope from the ground to the roof on the perimeter of the building and helicopter rescue space are provided, and slope that allows evacuation even by wheel chair with some aid was set in interior stair too.
Attention was paid in signage plan for users that have various disabilities and design was studied from various aspects.